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My Works

Don Schmidt grew up on a chicken farm in Horse Island, Louisiana where chicken-knowing is the key to becoming popular and people dance when they can't fly.

Don is a bit of an outcast at school because unlike all the other kids, he wasn't born in the town of Horse Island. So his classmates call him "new kid" and tease him because his mother tells everyone that they keep their chickens for ambiance. His mother doesn't allow Don to speak unless he is spoken to and his father only speaks when he is agreeing with Don's mother.

Without anyone to talk to, Don turns to the chickens on his farm and becomes friends with them. He takes care of them and learns everything there is to know about their lives. One day Don uses this knowledge to win the chicken-judging contest at the town Dairy Festival. Because he is the youngest to ever win, Don goes from being the "new kid" to the most popular person in town.

The eggs from Don's chickens become the most valued items in town and his mother soon cashes in on the situation. This ignites a chain of events that changes Don's family's life forever.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of The Chicken Dance, there is a link to the left. You may also purchase it at books stores throughout the U.S.

My friend, Rick Detorie writes and draws the comic strip, One Big Happy. His book, based on the comic strip was released in April 2011. It's great for young adults and for anyone who likes to laugh. If you look closely at the book that the boy is carrying, you'll see a chicken and a disco ball.