Strength to Click on Link

May 27, 2011

Tags: strength, Jacques Couvillon

For the past few years, I've written several articles and columns for the Abbeville Meridional newspaper in Vermilion Parish. Some of them are stories about the surrounding area, but many of them are columns on gardening, careers and strength. Below are two of my Strength columns, but a complete collection of my articles and (more…)

Strength To Race Towards A More Fulfilling Life

March 27, 2011

Tags: race, triathlete, strength, health

Whether to battle an illness, overcome obstacles or simply get through the grind of everyday life, a person needs strength. But what is it exactly? Where does it come from? How can I find it?

In my search for these answers, I spoke with a thirty-six year-old gentleman named Dr. Jeremy Romero. In (more…)

Strength to Find Love Through Cancer

March 21, 2011

Tags: cancer, strength, inspirational, motivational, jacques couvillon

Although I am physically healthy, and consider myself lucky for my life, there are mornings when I wish I could lay in bed all day and do nothing. My body feels drained of energy, but I fight to wake up because a list of daily chores awaits me; walk the dog, make the (more…)